August 13, 2010

Coffee, Healthcare & Silly Bands

On my last trip home, my Mom sent me back with an espresso machine she found at a consignment shop. After some replacement parts lovingly installed by Daddy, it is good as new! Fitting it into my suitcase was a challenge, but it made it back safe and sound. I’m very excited to use it to test out all the combinations on the “Perfect Pour” poster I ordered.

The print was designed by Plaid, a brand consulting firm. I am impressed that they used online reader comments to correct some of the original recipe mistakes. I love their work – it’s clean, modern and approachable. And clever!

I particularly love the fad graphic because it put my own life into perspective – I’ve been a part of most of these fads. Does that make me fashionable – or susceptible to craze-induce trends?

Trolls played well at Tea with my Barbies.
My wonderful Mother drove my brother and I through every McDonald’s drive-thru to see if they had the Happy Meal Beanie Baby we wanted.
Tamagotchi were eventually banned in my elementary school due to lack of focus in the classroom.
Never, ever in a million years will I commit to the atrocious Croc trend.
I missed Livestrong Bracelets, but would gladly support
Rabies Awareness or Wrist Violence Awareness.
I want Pogs to make a comeback because I’ve still got some sweet slammers to trade.
No one really considered that children would use Slap Bracelets to inflict pain on each other.
Whoa, I missed Hypercolor T-Shirts, sounds like something my brother would still love.
Silly Bands were a part of a birthday gift I received.

… And, no, 24 is not too old for Silly Bands, thankyouverymuch.

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