October 18, 2010

Leg Warmer Season

I haven’t worn pants since May.

Okay, that’s a pretty ridiculous sentence.  I haven’t worn pants to work since May.  One nice weather hits, I live in dresses and skirts.  And once cold weather hits, I cling desperately to my dresses and skirts … and pair them with leg warmers.  Leg warmers may be reminiscent of 80’s-esque jazzercise, but they are a god send.  And a way of life.  My life.

So, I am happy to announce that, as of this morning's commute, it is official Leg Warmer Season.  It’s that time of year when it’s chilly, but not winter.  When you get to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wear cute jackets.  When my drawer full of scarves is actually practical.  Some of you probably call this “Fall.”  To each his own.

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  1. I've seen people pairing them with boots lately. I'm tempted...


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