November 17, 2010

May you stay forever young

(My wonderful family, Florida)

Do you all watch Parenthood?  It's a television show about a big family in California, similar to Brothers & Sisters.  It often leaves me frustrated because the characters blow things out of proportion and they all end up shouting over each other (but I guess that's what makes good drama, right?)

While they in no way resemble my family, for we are much smaller and do not wear nearly as much flannel, the show leaves me missing home.  I wish that I lived down the block from my family, and we had big gatherings in the backyard.  And that I could just drop in to my mother's kitchen for coffee, and call my brother to come over and help me hang pictures.  I think the Kennedy's got it right with a compound.

Can you tell that I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving?  And not just the green bean casserole.

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  1. Now I have to dry my eyes as I head into an 8:00 meeting. Can't wait to have you home!


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