November 15, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn

We seemed to go from summer to winter in DC, and skip entirely over autumn.  Thankfully, the weather turned so I went for a hike/run this weekend to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and all the fall leaves.

...And then I spent the rest of the weekend indoors, bingeing on ABC Family's Harry Potter Marathon.  It has only furthered solidified my desire to go to Hogwarts for grad school.  (Now that they've taken care of their Basilisk problem)

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  1. Do you have an about me section? Do you live in DC still? I lived there with my husband for 4 months. I would love to move back! We lived about a mile from the White House on L Street. Such a great place. And I have to agree with you. We were Aug/Sep through December and it seemed to go straight from sweaty hotness to freezing cold!


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