January 4, 2011

everything else is just gravy

 (photo by celine)
Around New Years, we all seem to naturally reflect on the past year and begin to plan ahead.  I had a conversation recently about what we are "doing with our lives".  I feel like everyone around me has a plan: they're going to grad school, or have a particular career path that they aspire to.  My whole life the plan was set - do well in school, go to a good college, get a good job.  After 24 years of plans, I've achieved those goals and it feels strange to be without a next step. So, my next step is worrying less about what my Master Plan will be and more time concentrating on intangibles that are important to me.
I want to travel; I want to laugh everyday; I want to learn to make pie crust properly; I want to be a good friend; I want to go to brunch; I want to do more pilates; I want to lounge in my pajamas on Sundays; I want to hike; I want to read the classics; etcetera.
After that, everything else is just gravy.
My first step towards my Intangibles Resolution is to get more sleep.  The goal is to be in bed by midnight on weeknights, and get a full 6 hours.  If I can manage that, then maybe I'll shoot for 8...
What are you all changing this year?  Or, rather, this decade?

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  1. to make good piecrust, use crisco, and use real orange juice instead of water.

    it's a good thing that scanning old photos was not in your plan! marge


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