January 14, 2011

Thursday Dinner

My local Whole Foods (P Street NW!) is donating 5% of it's profits today to Horton's Kids.  It's a wonderful non-profit where I tutor.  If you're in the area, swing by!

I may have gotten carried away "supporting the cause".  So the roommates and I will be having frommage.  For dinner.

La vie...


  1. frommage for dinner sounds... delightful :)

    hope you guys raise a lot of $$$!!

  2. Awww I wish I had a Whole Foods near by. There's only one in Toronto :o(
    Good luck with the fundraiser!!!

    PS Mmmmmmmmmmm cheese! :o)

  3. in my estimation, this is the best sort of meal. come summer, the littles and i would pack up a mini ice box of cheeses, crackers, grape tomatoes, and those little cans of coke that are almost too cute to drink and head out for swims and picnics and romping around the park.

    and i have visions of winter picnics fireside with such a spread as yours. (alas, our chimney refuses to operate properly, and as i do not wish to die of smoke inhalation, this idea shall have to remain theoretical.)


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