February 5, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  We're going to the Wizards v. Magic game tonight, having a sleepover and road tripping to North Carolina, back to the old college stomping grounds.  We've turned it into our own little Alumni Weekend.  The plan is to eat Chick-fil-a and refuse to act our age.  I'm bringing girl scout cookies and 90s music for the drive down.  What are you up to this weekend?


  1. how fun! :) tomorrow i am hosting a superbowl party, so i am super excited about that!

    hope you have an awesome time! :)

  2. thtz kool plan for the weekend.

  3. Sounds like a great plan to me..Hope you had tons of fun! Happy Monday, sweetie

  4. Love the pic! And that sounded like the best weekend ever! I love not acting my age...I pretty much do it daily ;)!!


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