February 16, 2011

How Sweatpants Make Me Feel

You know by the title, this is going to be a deep post.  Like, to the bottoms of the ocean deep.

 (photo by The Life of Ty)

Until I year ago, I had never worn sweatpants.  "Who are you?!", you might ask.  Yeah, yeah, I know.

In college, I lived in some variety of yoga pants.  They are comfortable, match everything and facilitate library gymnastics.  (It's a real thing.)

Sweatpants, on the other hand, are heinous.  They are baggy and look like the outfit of choice when starring in a 90s rap video, or shopping at Walmart at 4 am.

But, ohmygoodness, are they comfortable.  I won't take them off.  They're all I wear.  I am wearing them as I type this!  I am officially a convert.  Now, I think Boyfriend is sad he mocked me for never having worn them.

Sweatpants make me feel: comfortable, happy, invincible, like watching a Law & Order marathon. Whoo!

(P.S. While typing this, I kept typing swearpants.  Which is not a thing.  But it should be: Pants you wear while swearing. $#&*%pants.)


  1. Sweatpants=best things ever.
    I only wear them around the house and on extensive road trips.
    Yoga pants are okay too, but I wear them when I feel like showing off.
    So basically, here's my mood in sweatpants: "Yes, I am lazy, my hair is messy, and I'm eating ice cream out of the carton while watching Gilmore Girls simply because I can."
    And my mood while wearing yoga pants: "Yeah, not only do I do yoga, but I have some nice legs to show off."
    Make sense? I just felt like sharing that, sorry about the rant.

  2. I have a deep love for sweatpants. I always have. As soon as I walk from work, I change into one of my thousand pairs. I'm a dance teacher, so I can get away with actually wearing them out of the house and not feeling sloppy or lazy = ]
    I'm glad you discovered the coziness of the "swearpants" cause they are heaven!

  3. Sweatpants are awesome just add some fuzzy socks and you'll be in heaven!

  4. sweatpants are the greatest fashion ever created

  5. I always wear my husbands sweatpants!! there's something about them being THAT big and baggy that make them that much more comfortable!

  6. Awww..sweet post. I also love wearing sweatpants. I work from home so its easy for me to wear them all the time...hahah
    Hugs and kisses, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

  7. hahaha, love this post! i love my sweatpants too :)

    my yoga pants now count for "nice" days. like for going to church and stuff...

  8. I'm wearing swearpants right now
    I mean sweatpants! hehe. soooo comffffyyyyy! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. sweatpants - i love them

  10. Amen. Amen.
    Although I'm more of a pants-from-other-countries gal. Peru and Thailand have the best pants!

  11. Tag you're it


  12. Oh my word, that pic is exactly how sweatpants make ME feel! I had one pair for so many, many years that the but started to wear away, no lie. Sadly, I held on to them even when you could clearly see my undies when I wore them.

  13. I was reading some of your older posts... and I love so many of them but this really made me laugh. "Who are you!?" So funny, because that is exactly what I thought. Welcome to the world of sweatpants hehe.


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