March 5, 2011

It's the Weekend!

It's been a long week.  I had eye surgery, got my first filling and my cat (of 18 years!) died yesterday.

...When I say it like that, my life sounds like a very specific old-school country song.

Thankfully, Andrew kept me laughing yesterday with his acoustic version of Baby Monkey.

Happy Weekend, lovelies!


  1. oh my! rough week. sorry about the cat. hope you can enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Eye surgery and a filling--not a good week for you. I hope you have a weekend filled with chocolate and other treats!!

  3. wow. sounds like an intense week for you. hope the weekend is relaxing, and im so sorry about your cat :(

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry your cat died, as a life long cat owner I know how devastating that can be. Here's hoping next week is better, and you're doing something fun + healing right now!

  5. OMG! I'm so sorry!!
    I encourage you to enjoy if you feel like carnival tonight!

  6. Oh Gosh, sorry about your kitty and your 1st filling..fillings are never fun! Hope your eye is feeling better.

  7. so sorry about your cat - my Miss Kitty died last week - it's tough.



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