March 11, 2011

Spring Forward

(photo via Cuba Gallery)

Happy Friday! What are you all up to this weekend?  I'm hosting book club tonight, with a St. Patty's theme.  Any excuse for Guinness cupcakes, really.
Don't forget to Spring Forward on Sunday night for Daylight Saving Time*.  Though, in the cellphone-as-alarm-clock-generation, the actual setting of the clock tradition seems to be lost.  Instead, just mentally prepare yourself for the fact that 2:00 am won't EXIST on Sunday.

It's like LOST with all this time travel.
*Unless you live in Hawaii.  In which case, I'm mad at you.  Because you live in Hawaii and get an extra hour of sleep.  But mainly the part about Hawaii.


  1. that's right time changes this weekend have fun at the book club

  2. please tell me more about these cupcakes...they sound awesome!!

  3. Oh, you do a book club? Really? How do you organize everything? How many people are attending? Tell me, if you want - I'm so curious. There is this idea in my head that I want to host one on my own... But I lack of ideas... xo.

  4. you had me at guiness cupcakes.. have a great weekend!

  5. I will totally be there for the cupcakes! (c: I really despise spring forward...I don't mind fall back (I mean, hello, extra hour of sleep!) but that stinkin' *losing* an hour of sleep??? Really??? I would like to shake the hand of whoever made that up...and then punch him in the face.

    (yeah, forget the fact that it has to do with the whole farming and seasons thing and the fact that it was Benjamin Franklin's idea...I guess I wouldn't really punch him in the face cuz he is pretty awesome...)

    If you made it to the end of this crazy and random comment, congrats and HAPPY WEEKEND! (c:

  6. club and Guinness cupcakes!?? Could you be any cooler? How fun! What book?

  7. Guinness cupcakes = heaven!

    I'm still new to this whole springing forward thing I won't be complaining about?! An extra hour of sunshineeeeeeee (or at least I hope it's sunshine!)

    Happy to have found your blog! xoxo {av}

  8. i cant waaait to spring forward! few things make me happier than long days with sunshine

  9. The Guinness cupcakes sounds so good. I literally just said to Groomzilla that I am craving cupcakes..heading to the store to get the supplies after I post this comment!

  10. but I dont want to spring forward... boooo! =)

    have a fabulous weekend!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. i have NO idea when englands day light savings happens. im sure no one will tell me. and then ill wake up all disorientated and late for something important.

  12. Quite sad that soon england will be loosing an hour of sleep :(.
    Hmm i may have to go to Hawaii


  13. funny blog, i really like the way to write. greetings to washington (and in case you have a georgetwon cupcake today i´m mad at you! ;))

  14. muahahahahaha Hawaiian's do it right BRAH!! ;-)

    Wish I could figure out an emoticon for the shaka...*SHAKASSSS*


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