March 16, 2011

Weekend Project

I'm so excited for spring.  Tulips, peonies, camellias, warmth.  It's almost here.

I freshened up some old vases with a little paint.  I used Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel glass conditioner, and Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel paint in Ultra White.  I had it left over from my cake stand makeover, where I wanted something that was dishwasher safe.  (FYI: It's dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, but not food safe.)  You could also use spray paint, or acrylics.

It was cathartic to paint, sip coffee and listen to Ira Glass.  Just in time for spring.


  1. great idea!!! i love decorating with white.

  2. ohmygracious. these look INCREDIBLE. white is the best...and those tulips aren't so bad either ;) great job, my dear! I also love me some Ira Glass! haha.

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo {av}

  3. I'm with Sam, I love decorating with white. They look fantastic!

    And I love that you have a brick wall! *sigh*
    Love that too :)

    xo Nadia

  4. Beautiful arrangement of flowers. I love tulips, they can brighten any day! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Sooo pretty. Love how you arranged the flowers.

  6. Love, love, love those tulips... Can't wait for spring!!

  7. lovely! i love simple white vases.


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