May 8, 2011

May 8: Celebrate!

Today marks a celebration of two of my favorite people.
My Mother. And my Brother.

Look at my Mama, being a mother.  Look at my brother, being a baby.

I love you both beyond words.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama :)
Happy Birthday, Connor :)


  1. aww, this is so sweet Kelly! I hope they both have an awesome, well-celebrated day :)

  2. love this picture! Hope you and your family enjoy this day!

  3. What a sweet post.

    I hope you're having a fantastic weekend honey! Have you heard the good news about my first novel? It's available here:

    Enjoy your Sunday doll! Kori xoxo

  4. awww, precious. this picture is adorable!

  5. What a beautiful photo. What a great day for them both! :)

  6. My little brother was born on May 8th too!!


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