August 23, 2011

Los Angeles

Party in the USA lyrics.  Hollywood Hills.  Mulholland Drive.  Walk of Fame.  The Grove.  Farmer's Market.  Getty.  Zero Celeb Sightings (well, the girls saw Witherspoon's babies...).  Beverly Hills.  Make Life Plans that Involve California Mansions.  Jet Lag and coffee.

*Work has been very busy, and I know I've been neglecting you.  I was able to withstand the subtle guilt trips of Andrew, Allison and even my Mama.  But one email from my Grandma saying "I miss your blogs" and I crumble.  She's The World's-Best-Grilled-Cheese-Maker Grandma.  The Always-Has-A-Great-Book-Recommendation Grandma.  I can't say no to Grandma!


  1. Ah isn't Mulholland Drive the prettiest thing?? Well the views I mean :) Love your photos!

  2. Beautiful photos! It makes me want to go back to LA :) Cute blog!!

  3. Glad your Grandma asked you to post! I want some In-N-Out.

  4. What beautiful glad your back to blogging again..we missed ya!

  5. Aww, Grandma's are the best! <3

    xo Nadia

  6. nice! looks like you had fab weather.
    a grandma that offers book recommendations? can i borrow her? :D

  7. Awwwh! That's so sweet that your grandma reads your blog. :)

    Love the pictures! I am yet to visit Hollywood!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


  8. Gorgeous shots!!! Make me wanna go to L.A.!!!! And your grandma reads your blog?! wow!!=)

  9. thank you for the comment on my blog, come back soon !! you have a great blog :)

  10. what wonderful photos!! and i love that miley cyrus song!!
    xx ~ kristina


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