September 2, 2011

American Graffiti

Does this count as vandalism? 

Moss Graffiti: beyond awesome.  All you need is moss, beer, sugar and a spray bottle.

Urban beautification with serifs.  I'm in love.


  1. Never saw that before, very green indeed.


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  4. That is so cool! I don't think it counts as vandalism at all!! I would love to see it somewhere! I wonder if the rain washes it away or if it grows from the pattern that you spraypain

  5. That's such a clever idea! It's like graffiti for the environmentally friendly...thanks for sharing!

  6. oh its too beautiful to be grafitti;)

  7. That is amazing! Think my landlord would mind if I hit the house with some? :D

  8. ha!! i love this! totally want to try :)

    have an awesome long weekend, friend!

  9. um. i smell genius in the house. this is incredible. serifs and all.


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