October 24, 2011

Look How They Shine for You

(Galaxy, Nebula and Stars, oh my.  All images via NASA.) 

Friday night, we went to a lecture at the Air & Space museum about Galaxy Clusters.  (Lest that sounds too intellectual, I spent Sunday morning catching up on Jersey Shore, which apparently equals book suicide!)

My main take-aways from the lecture :
1) Space is really, really awesome.  And overwhelmingly huge.
2) No one has told Physicists that Comic Sans font is unacceptable.

Spread the word.


  1. wow, thats amazing! i have always been fascinated with outer space!!

  2. LOL, at your comic sans comment. Space is pretty awesome. I have the Star Walk app for my iPhone, and it tells you what you are looking at, wherever you point it. I am a bit obsessed.


  3. Great photos and comments. I love space photos. I actually spend a lot of time looking at fractuals! Google them! They are amazing!


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