October 18, 2011

Perhaps the Perfect Weekend

Went out with people from all my different circles of friends, in one place.  Enjoyed the breezy weather with a run around the National Mall.  Rode out to Virginia, and saw Zac Brown Band (lawn seat love).  Spent a quiet Sunday in Georgetown, chatting in coffee shops with my extremely cute boyfriend.

One of those soak-it-all-in, feeling-very-blessed kind of weekends.

If you follow me on twitter, (which assumedly you don't, because I've only tweeted thrice), you might have seen that I won a free night at any Hilton Hotel, worldwide!  They're holding scavenger hunts in 5 cities across the globe.  Up next: London and Chicago.  Follow #hhfreenight or @HiltonHHonors for more details.


  1. good friends and cute boys and a free hotel...what could be better?! love the photo :)

  2. Wonderful post, sounds like the best weekend. kisses mini lemon.

  3. lovely weekend. how did you get everyone in one place?
    congrats on the cool win!

  4. Good music, good friends, and cute boys.. sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

  5. Congrats on your win! That is really exciting.



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