October 13, 2011

Things That Rock

* Booking flights to Germany with my family! And eating gummie bears to celebrate.  (Sorry, goldbären.)  Eleventyone!  Start flooding the comments section with your German travel suggestions.

* The group of people who play glow in the dark bocce in the park.  How baller.  [Baller.  Get it?

* Smelling the cinnamon pine cones an entire block before reaching Whole Foods.  It's like living in a muffin.

* The guy at the bagel & coffee place by work knows our order.  I am both excited and ashamed.

* The boy I tutor, looking up at me during our snack time, saying: "I really like apples.  But, man, when Halloween comes - imma tear that candy UP."  Age 7.  Respect.

* That my parents have been married for 31 years today.  You're pretty great, and I'm very glad you found each other.  Make sure to take that trip that Connor and I got you last year.  We love you!


              1. First, I have to say that Haribo gummy bears are the best, and only gummy bears in my opinion! Moving on...hehe...what lovely things that do indeed rock! Love what kids have to say and how they express it and Happy Anniversary to your parents...I feel the same about mine!

                Liesl :)

              2. You're going to Germany? Where? I am from here and recently moved back after living in Chicago for 3 years, we live in the south of Germany...maybe I can give you some tips!
                My email is chrissyzang{at}gmail{dot}com

              3. lol, yes,i agree, they all rock. i love the idea of living in a muffin.

              4. Oooh booking flights and eating gummy bears. I would love to be you right now. =)

              5. happy, happy anniversary to your parents!!

              6. Wow, its wonderful to appreciate the goods things in life that don't cost a dime. kisses mini lemon.

              7. which regions in germany do you plan to visit in particular? i live in the north of germany, in hamburg, and i can tell that there is a big difference between the north and the south but if you have the possibility you should see both sides...it´s worth at any point!

              8. Have fun in Germany and Happy 31th Anniversary to your parent. :)
                Great list. :)


              Thank you for your sweet comments. They make my day!

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