February 8, 2012

Three Things

Three things I love this week:

 (photo courtesy of Alice Fan)

* This sleep cycle alarm.   It analyzes your movement during sleep cycles to wake you in the lightest sleep phase.  Complete with graphs.  Maybe it's a placebo effect, but I feel much more rested!  (Turn it to airplane mode to keep the nasty cell phone waves away from your sleeping head.)

* Free coffee from the newly opened location of Pret.  I don't think I could love the Brits anymore.

* Going on an extremely spontaneous trip.  Crazy fools.


  1. Cool! I've never heard of that sleep cycle app, but that sounds so awesome! I'll definitely be looking that up!

    Happy weekend!!

  2. the sleep cycle app sounds really interesting. i should try that. i'm really sleep deprived. i also love going on spontaneous crazy road trips. they're the best!


  3. My husband swears by that sleep cycle alarm. He says it totally works.

  4. Ugh, your mention of Pret makes my heart sad. I miss it so much! I lived on the tomato, basil and brie baguette for the summer of 2004 because I was poor and it was cheap but delicious. :)

  5. That sleep cycle alarm sounds awesome. I so need one :) Happy Monday, sweetie. xo

  6. Um i definitely just downloaded the sleep cycle alarm!! I hope this works great. I have been having an awful time waking up. I am sure I will be thanking you!


  7. Free things are always lovely, especially when it is coffee...nice! :) Also, love spontaneous adventures, how fun! I hope you have a relaxing weekend! :)

  8. That sleep app sounds super cool!! I might just download it :) I am very picky about my alarm clocks & their sounds. It makes me cranky if its not just right :)


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