November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, my family spent Thanksgiving in Key West. A few days in the Conch Republic was a perfect Florida Fix. I'm thankful for margaritas, live music, Hemingway cats, conch fritters and my family.

I'm also thankful: for my friends, who are spread across the country and call just to say hey. For my sweet boyfriend, who makes me laugh and can hang pictures perfectly without measuring. For everyone in Michigan being so friendly. And for butternut squash, coffee, blogs and you!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


  1. Looks beautiful and happy belated Thanksgiving, sweetie:) xo

  2. It's WAY past Thanksgiving right now but these photos are fantastic any ol' time of the year! :)

  3. wow, lovely photos..thanks so much for sharing! Glad you had a great thanksgiving :) xo


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