September 19, 2014

Korean Baseball

On Sunday, we went to a Korean baseball game (Samsung Lions v. LG Twins).  Samsung got destroyed, but it was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun!  The game itself is the same as the US sport, but that's pretty much where the similarities ended.  For instance:

* Korean baseball has a sixth inning (not seventh inning) stretch, where all the players come onto the field and actually stretch. And lunge.
* Gameday snacks include five different flavors of fried chicken, dried squid, kimbop sushi, rice cake soup, hot dogs on a stick (no bun)…and caramel popcorn imported from Pennsylvania, USA.
* There are cheerleaders, and multiple costume changes. And there are entire cheer sections where fans chant. They chant to the beat of drums, led by a boisterous male cheerleader, the entire time their team is at bat. This includes singing "na na na, hey hey, goodbye" to their own players?
* Beer is cheap. As in, the cheapest we have seen anywhere in the city. Can you imagine going to an MLB game and paying $1.90 for a tall boy? Or, if you prefer draft beer, there is a man walking around with a mini-keg on his back, pouring at your seat. Or, you can bring in your own alcohol!
* Thunder sticks. Also known as, two inflatable plastic tubes that you hit against each other to make a loud noise. Ashley sat next to a pretty active pair of thundersticks.
* When you buy tickets, they ask who you are rooting for. This is because fans are seated together. All of the home team fans sit on the first base line, all of the visiting team fans sit on the third base line.

In some ways, it made me nostalgic for the American version.  In other ways, I think Korea does it better.  Their fans are so active! But they really should look into nachos...

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  1. Did you ever imagine that you would ever utter the phrase "imported from Pennsylvania, USA?!"


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