September 6, 2014

Our Apartment

We, and our seven suitcases, are moved in to our Seoul apartment!

We live near COEX, which is a big shopping and convention center.  The thing we love most is the view.  We can see skyscrapers, mountains and a famous Buddhist temple all at the same time!  Another example of the old+new contrast in Seoul.  So far, we've been really happy with the area - lots of shops, corner bodegas, restaurants and bars.

We are still getting settled - we had a mattress and bed frame delivered, and we've made several runs to HomePlus to stock up on home wares.  Imagine us boarding a crowded subway with backpacks full of hangers, cleaning products and kitchenware, plus an ironing board and a swiffer under arm.

To celebrate moving in to our first married apartment, we had a picnic on the floor rug.  Because we don't have a couch or any chairs.  Like all good picnics, it included champagne that exploded when opened, overpriced cheese, paper cups that feature a sheep saying "enjoy your day~" and a brief history of Metallica.

At 10:45pm, our doorbell rang.  It was our bedding being delivered!  Who knew you could get a duvet hand delivered at almost 11:00pm?  This city really doesn't sleep.


  1. Wow! Is that a garden on the roof of that building?

  2. There is grass on the roof, but I wouldn't call it a garden. I have seen a couple eco-roofs the downtown buildings here though! Reducing the carbon footprint!

  3. The flat and the view is beautiful! I'm so happy for you, sweetie. Cheers to a great new start!

  4. Looks like this is a beginning of a great story!
    What a great apartment, so spacious.. and of course the view.


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